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I Caught My Stepmom Cheating - Part 3: So What Happens Next?



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Part 3: So What Happens Next?

After sending that text, that message that left her speechless, I wondered what would happen next. I had her right where I wanted. I had set things in motion, but what was my plan? I needed a plan.

My mind ran wild with twisted thoughts. I dwelled in my perversion. So many paths, so many possibilities. She was entrapped. Putty in my hand. The more this sank in, the more I realized just how far this could go. As far as I wanted.

Our relationship was complicated. No love, no emotion, other than me lusting after her for years and years, an object of my desire. I was an inconvenience to her. Just a part of her life she assumed to pretend was not there.

But now I was here, front and center, in front of her face and I held all the cards. There was no way she could pretend. She had no play, no moves, no strategy. No advantage in this twisted game we were about to play.

Dirty, dirty thoughts, as I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I waited for my father to get up and go to work. I listened as my stepmom got my younger siblings ready for school. I watch out my window as she walked them down to catch the school bus. Her sexy ass jiggling in her yoga pants as she disappeared down the driveway.

I waited for her in the foyer, just inside the front door. Waiting for her to return. The house now empty, it would be just the two of us. That is when I would confront her. Confront her about her transgression, her infidelity.

She came through the door.

“Hello.” Her lifeless tone, defeated. She knew she was guilty. There was no hiding the fact.

“Good morning... slut.” I answered her.

“Listen, let me explain…” She started with her bullshit.

“Explain what? How you are fucking around on my father? I heard the whole damn thing. What is the matter with you?”

“Look, I know, I know, it is bad but..” She pleaded.

“But nothing. I cannot believe this. How long have you…”

She interrupted me stepping closer to confront me face to face. Trying to maintain her dignity. Trying to keep an upper hand.

“Well why in the fuck are you recording me? I’m sorry but you are a twisted little creep. You always have been.”

I listened to what she had to say. I let her get it out of her system. Her desperate attempt to control this game.

“I’ve seen your computer opened up, when you forget to log off. You look at pictures of me online, probably jerking off. I’ve seen the way you look at me, ever since you were little. It’s fucking creepy. I know your secrets. I have found pairs of my worn panties, in your room, that you have stolen and taken to do god knows what with. Why are you obsessed with me.”

“Hey you are the one cheating. I have the evidence, and if you fuck with me I will make sure that dad leaves your ass you over this. Don't you try to turn this back around on me. I mean you are the guilty one here.”

She feigned a resolution, desperate, and deceptive.

“So delete the audio and we will pretend like this never happened, and I will make a promise to you, right here and now, that I will never cheat on your father again.”

The nerve of this bitch. She must think I am a damn fool. I answered her back.

“Haha yeah you are not getting off that easy. I had all last night the think about what I am going to do, and it is going to take a lot more than that to keep me quiet.”

“Like what?”

“Like how about you get your ass in that goddamn kitchen and make me some breakfast.”

She sneered at me and hesitated, as if she thought I was not serious. As if she still thought that she was above me.

“Fine, breakfast you’ve got it!” She huffed, sarcastically. “But I have my Pilates class so this will have to be quick”

“Change of plans.” I quipped. “You won’t be going to Pilates today.”

She rolled her eyes.

She turned to walk away toward the kitchen. One step in I slapped her hard across her pretty ass. A real stinger, just to show her who was boss. Her body froze in step. She turned back around throwing me a glare, her face flush with anger, red as her burning ass cheek. She wanted to hit me, she wanted to fight. I could see it in her face.

She exhaled deep without saying a word and trotted off toward the kitchen.

“And don't be lazy goddammit. I want a good breakfast, with eggs, bacon, and some pancakes.”

I sat in the kitchen and taunted her as she went about making my first meal of the day.

I asked her about the guy she was fucking. Who he was, how old he was, how long they had been fucking one another. It turns out he was a trainer at her gym. How fitting for a bored house slut. To get into the sack with a meathead. How typical.

She seemed uncomfortable with the conversation so I dug deeper, making her answer questions about the dirty details. Making her confess. I asked about his cock, positions they fuck in, where he likes to cum, if he ever fucked her in the ass.

She reluctantly played along. Answering my questions as she cooked my food.

I asked her to sit and talk to me as I had my breakfast, and I continued to interrogate her. Asking her all kinds of questions. She looked at me with disgust as I nibbled at the food she made and talked to her like the whore that she was. Broaching topics that we had never discussed, things she would have never told anyone. Deep dark secrets. I made her confess.

Occasionally, throughout the meal I had her get up an get me things, more orange juice, salt and pepper, and a few more eggs before I was done.

I treated her like a maid. A servant. And she had nothing to do but let me play my little game.

She had to know that I was just testing the waters. This was only the beginning. But this was was way too easy.

She kept pushing for some kind of closure. She wanted me to tell her that I would keep her secret. That I would not tell my father. But I was having too much fun with her. I had never wielded this kind of power over anyone, much less her.

After breakfast I told her I had some chores for her to do. She sighed and puffed. A little hissy like a child.

“Are you serious? I have things to do today.”

“I told you already, change of plans. Go upstairs.”

I walked behind her as she ascended. Her ass right in my face as she climbed the stairs one by one. Tight in those black stretchy pants.

Once upstairs I plopped down two large bags of dirty laundry I had brought home from college. I need you to wash these clothes. She shrugged as if to say, easy enough, she went to work.

I retreated to my room to check some emails, watch a little television and relax. She was not going anywhere. I had all damn day. I left her alone to do her thing.

Later that morning I emerged from my bedroom. She was standing at a table in our laundry room folding the first load of clothes, the other load in the washing machine. Standing there, looking so sexy, doing as she was told. She really was a pretty little housewife. A domesticated breed. A pretty slut wife.

Without a sound I sneaked up behind her. Any noise I made drowned out by the washing machine. I placed my hands on her hips as she folded the clothes. Her body froze for a second as she felt my hands. She looked forward never looking back. Standing there in her humiliation as I touched her.

I leaned in and inhaled her scent, smelling her hair, breathing on her neck. She never looked back, never said a word.

My hands rubbed along her hips, I traced her contours admiring her figure. The roundness of her ass, up the hourglass of her waist. My hands wandered up her her sides, up her loose fitting top.

I unclasped her bra. It fell loose. Her soft breast fell heavy, released beneath her shirt.

I fondled her breasts from under her shirt. Softly caressing. I explored. The softness, the fullness. So warm and so creamy. Her skin was so soft.

She went on with her chore never looking behind. Looking forward in a daze. Controlled and obedient, until she snapped out of it.

“What are you doing? I am trying to do your laundry like you asked.”

“I’m just having a feel. Having a little fun. Feeling these soft titties of yours that I have wanted to touch for so long.”

“You shouldn't be doing this. I’m your stepmoth…. ahh!”

Her words stopped as I pinched one of her nipples. She gasped and breathed heavily, as I got her aroused. I stood behind her gently fondling her breasts. My cock was hard and pressed against her ass. She had to have felt it through her tight fitting yoga pants.

She went on about her business, completing her chore, letting me grope her. As she folded my clothes.

My hand explored down the front of her pants. She gave no resistance. She gave no indication if she was enjoying having me violate her. She was silent. Going on about her business, the chore I had given her.

My hand slid down her front, pulled tight against her body by the tight stretchy fabric. I slid under her panties. I found her soft shaved pussy. Oh how I have dreamt of this moment. I explored her mound, her soft genitalia.

She gasped as a parted her. The first indication of her arousal. Sure she was being controlled. But I knew she was a depraved slut. The bitch probably liked it. Having her creep of a stepson molest her body.

Her cunt was wet and dripping, I rubbed all over it, working her up. One hand working her pussy my other tugging on her hardened nipples. My hard cock still pressed against her ass.

I built her arousal, I played her like a fiddle, as she tried to put up a front. Her breathing got heavy. Her cunt was dripping. She lifted her head and let out a little grunt as I slid the tip of my finger inside.


She was bothered and horny. Such a sweet little slut. I pulled my finger out of her, and out of her pants, leaving a slimy trail. I let go of her breast, and I walked away leaving her to finish her chore. I left her wet and wanting.

“Don’t forget to finish that other load.” I told her, as I walked off out of sight.

“Yes, I know.” Her voice no longer sounding angry. No longer annoyed. She was existing in this situation. What else could she do.

Back in my room I smelled the sweetness of her pussy on the tip of my finger. Musky and clean, more alluring than I have imagined, her scent, her essence.

Later on, I went to check on her. She was bent over moving my clothes from the washing machine into the dryer. Bent over in her tight black pants. Accentuating that round ass of her. I couldn't resist. I couldn't wait any longer.

I snuck up behind her, much as I had before, bent over and working she felt my hands grab her hips. This time more forceful. No grazing, no brushing of her skin, no soft caress. I grabbed handfuls of her hips and pulled her back into me. I pressed my cock into her so she could feel how hard I was.

She turned over her shoulder and looked at me. Her expression hard to read.

“Stop that.”

“Stop what? You look like you like it. Can you feel how hard I am? Can you feel my cock?”

I was humping and grinding on her ass. Pressing my throbbing knob into her.

“We shouldn’t do this. This isn't right. It doesn't feel right.”

“It felt right yesterday, when you were fucking that stranger. Oh yeah I bet you would like it. For me to fuck you right here like the cheating slut that you are.”

I felt her push back into me as I degraded her. That's what gets her going.

She was conflicted with emotion. This all was very wrong. She was caught in a lie. Trapped. Controlled by someone who she had watched grow up.

I started to pull down her pants. She attempted to turn around, to push my hands away. Her last ditch effort to stop me. I pushed her back hard, back into her bent over position. She let me control her.

I pulled her pants and panties down around her ankles in one fluid motion. There was her soft creamy ass, bent over and ready for me. I dropped my shorts to the floor. My cock ready to fill her.

She looked ahead waiting, for what she knew was about to happen. She was about to get fucked by the son of her husband, the half-brother of her children.

And she wanted it. I knew it. She looked ahead waiting. Her feigned resistance was crushed too easily. Her hips and ass swayed in anticipation. She was dripping.

I'm going to make this bitch ask for it, I thought to myself.

“So are you ready to get fucked Mother?” I mocked her.

“Is that what you want? Huh? You want me to use you like the cheating whore that you are? You want me to fuck you right here while you do your chores?"

She was unable to speak but her body was writhing, squirming, begging to get fucked.

I slid two fingers in to tease her. The sloppiest wettest cunt I had ever felt. She moaned.

I wiggled around inside her getting to all of her walls. I pushed it in deep and tickled her cervix. But I gave her just a taste, I wanted to tease her. Just a few seconds before I pulled my fingers back out.

She was panting, she was desperate, she wanted me to fuck her. But she was unable to speak.

I slapped her hard across her right ass cheek. Leaving a handprint and some of her pussy slime still wet on my fingers. She whimpered.

“Answer me goddammit, or I swear I will walk away and leave you here dripping.”

“Yes, yes, do it. I want it. Please... please fuck me.”

“Well OK then. That's all you had to say. Since you asked slut, then I will do it.

I spread her apart and slid into her wet pussy. Felt like heaven. So soft and so warm. As I penetrated her deep I felt a rush of her juices, flowing for me. Facilitating me. As I started to fuck her hard. Pounding her from behind. She stood and braced herself against the dryer as I rocked her back and forth.

She looked so beautiful bent over for me. My sexy stepmother. Who I dreamt about all these years. Finally mine. I fucked her sloppy cunt. Hearing her sexy moans. Moaning for me, her stepson. The same way she moans for my father, the way she moans for her secret lover.

There was no dirty talk, but I guess that is to be expected. Maybe she was not ready to speak the filth that she was performing. As she allowed her stepson, twenty years younger, to plow her sweet cunt, there in the laundry room, like a goddamn whore.

Though she had lack of words, her sounds told the story. She whimpered and she grunted as I pounded her harder and harder, my body clapping hard and loud against her soft mommy ass and thighs. She hung on, her face red from the hard pounding. Held moans were released, loud groaning, and loud ohs, filled the house as she came on my cock.

As I reached the top, I knew I was going to unload. I could not last much longer inside of her soft wet hole, her velvet. I looked down and watched my cock going in and out of her. Her juice wet on my cock as she creamed her pussy drool.

A moment of realization, as I fucked the hole where my younger half-siblings came into this world. I planned on pulling out and cumming across that pretty ass of hers, but I couldn't resist the urge.

I grunted and emptied my balls inside of her. Filling her with my seed. My stepmother. My cum blasting up inside of her, mixing with the cum my father left in her the night before, our sperm now swimming in competition with each other, swimming up inside her womb.

I held myself deep inside throbbing until every last drop was emptied, as her deep breathing subsided.

I pulled out of her. I stepped back. She was still, she had not moved, bent over, her pants still around her ankles, and her sloppy cunt drooling, dripping all over the floor.

I exhaled deeply and pulled up my shorts. I looked at her recovering from the hard fucking I had just given her. My red handprint still painted across her ass.

“I’m going to take a nap. I didn't sleep well last night. Finish that laundry and we will talk later. We will talk later about what happens next”

“Okay” She answered.

So sweet, so subservient.

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