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Blowing our guy friends mind (and dick)



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Last night was probably the most fun night I’ve ever had.

Originally, I invited two of my friends to come round to my place. It was only supposed to be a little get together girls night type of thing. Since the weather has been good the dress code was “shorts and a top”.

We get to drinking, laughing, talking. The usual. Then we start talking about boys and I mentioned that I sucked my guy friends dick one night recently. I told them that his dick is actually really big and his moans are so hot. I explained how it happened and they were both so invested.

Since we were all extremely tipsy by this stage, I looked at them and said fuck it, and showed the video of me sucking his dick. They were glued to the screen and let out a bunch of “oh my gods” and “wows” along with “no ways”.

After basically showing my friends my own porn, they agreed with me: his dick and moans are kinda hot. So then I’m looking at them and I say “do you wanna invite him over” and suggest us all sucking his dick together.

If you don’t know my friends, they’re honestly crazier than me and the fact that we were all drunk didn’t help. They think it’s the best idea ever so I send him a message saying he should come over because I have a surprise for him.

Fifteen minutes later we’re in my living room when he texts “I’m outside”. I shout “quick get ready” and we all pull our tops off. I answer the door to him topless and pull him inside.

My two friends are in the middle of the room on their knees and shout “heeeeyyyy!!!” and I get down beside them and ask if he’s ready for his surprise. He didn’t know what to say and said “um yes” lol. I pushed him back onto my couch.

I got to work getting his pants down and pulled his dick out. We took turns spitting on it and I started off blowing him. I signalled my friends to join in and we tried to work around the fact that it was three of us and one dick. It takes a lot of trial and error to get it at first but once we found our flow I’m pretty sure we broke my guy friends brain.

We took turns rotating between blowing him and stroking him. Sometimes two of us going up and down each side at the same time and acting like he was the last thing on earth.

Eventually, after about thirty mins of fun with him he said he was going to cum. We all kneeled in front of him and let him cum on our faces. It took him a while to gather himself.

We all went into the bathroom to wash our faces and we were laughing at each other mainly because we couldn’t believe it but also because we had one guys cum on our faces. It was a great night.

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