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Teaching my former roommate to masturbate.



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I will try to keep my hands out of my panties long enough to write this down, because the memories of her make me ache.

I had posted previously about a friend I periodically masturbate with, and I thought it might be enjoyable to share about where this kink started for me.

Lexi was a close classmate during nursing school. She was good-natured, smart, albeit astoundingly sheltered. She came from a huge family of homeschooled children and had very little exposure to concepts like sex ed. Regardless of this, I took her under my wing and we became roommates after graduation, which was especially convenient because we got in to the same nurse residency together.

Although I had tried not to entertain these thoughts too much during school, I couldn’t help noticing that Lexi was insanely hot. Soft, slightly tanned skin, dirty blonde hair, and the most mouthwatering curves. The more time I spent as her roommate, the more I noticed how bouncy her ass was when she moved and how full her breasts truly were.

It shouldn’t have surprised me that I wasn’t the only one who noticed. It wasn’t long before she started dating Ryan, an ICU nurse in our residency. I could tell how much he wanted her in the way his eyes traveled up and down her body, and she started inviting him over to our place. To her room.

This is how I discovered how thin our walls really were. I remember hearing Ryan and Lexi climbing on her bed and hearing them exchange passionate kisses. I felt a stab of jealousy as I realized that he was about to enjoy her delectable body. My jealousy soon evolved into arousal as I closed my eyes and imagined the visuals accompanying the sounds I was acutely hearing. I heard her soft, whimpering moans and his grunts as he plunged inside what seemed to be such a tight pussy. Only a couple moments later, he started crying out, “oh fuck, you’re way too tight!” and seemed to be unloading inside her. I was fully pleasuring my clit at this point, climaxing not long after him, although I felt a little bummed that she clearly did not cum.

So the pattern went. They’d thrust for a few minutes in her room until he couldn’t take it anymore, and burst for her, without regard to her pleasure. Even so, I noticed an almost Pavlovian response to these visits. Even though I couldn’t stand Ryan personally, my clit tingled every time I heard him coming through the door, knowing I was going to get such an auditory treat, and would please my own clit during the process. I began to get more and more bold, introducing a vibrator into my routine. I should’ve realized that the thin walls worked both ways.

One day after a particularly intense session, I decided to edge myself beyond the length of their sex, totally losing myself in the pleasure. I panicked when Lexi knocked on my door, realizing she must’ve heard my little…self-care moment.

Characteristically for her, she asked me bluntly, “were you just masturbating?” I didn’t have time to come up with an excuse and I admitted that I was taking care of myself to let off some steam. Instead of seeming disgusted, she seemed intrigued. She asked me if I was watching porn and I didn’t have the heart to lie. I told her that hearing Ryan fuck her gave me incredible urges, and I would stop if she wanted me to. She responded by sitting down on my bed and asked me, “am I supposed to cum from his thing? How do you know if you’re having an orgasm?” I giggled and replied that she would know, and suggested pleasuring herself to discern what she might like.

I was blown away (even considering her sheltered roots) when she replied that she didn’t know how. She explained that she had learned to rub herself on things to make herself feel good, but she was only able to get very close to climax when grinding on her pillows, only exacerbating her need for relief. I ignored the warm throb between my thighs from the image of her sliding her wet slit over a firm pillow, her ass bouncing as she tried desperately to cum.

I advised Lexi to consider playing with a toy like a clit sucker or vibrator to explore her pleasure. When she said perhaps cheekily that she didn’t know how, I was overcome with lust. Before I could think, I was blurting out, “can I show you what it feels like?” To my surprise, she quietly said yes.

Without even asking her, she lied down on my bed and pulled her panties down, exposing her pink pussy between her tanned thighs. I grabbed my spare vibrator, and on a low setting, drew light circles around her swollen clit. I could barely breathe watching her back arch and legs quiver as I worked her needy pussy. Her eyes opened wide and she began to moan with abandon that something was happening, that she thought she might cum. I slipped a finger in her and guided her clit over the edge, watching her convulse on my bed. I turned the settings down and allowed her to grind against the toy, clearly savoring the final waves of pleasure.

After that day, we had a ritual. After every session of unsatisfying sex with Ryan, she’d come in my room for us to masturbate together. I’d gaze at her pussy as it tightened in climax, admiring the way it squeezed her recent load of Ryan’s cum out of her and causing it to ooze onto her shaking thighs. We began to talk about our fantasies as we touched ourselves together, each of us trying to push the other over the edge. We experimented with porn and talked dirty about the arousing images until our pussies were too needy for relief.

Speaking of, I need some relief myself after recounting that story. I’ll be in my bunk.

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