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My friend's bachelor party turned into an orgy



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Okay I’ve been wanting to type this story out for a while now partially because I never want to forget the details and I finally did it. I figured I’d post it here because maybe someone else will enjoy reading it. I can’t promise that all of the details are 100% accurate because we weren’t 100% sober, but this is what I remember:

A good friend of mine was getting married and he really wanted to have his bachelor party in Vegas and do the whole club thing. I’m not much into the club scene but I was living in Vegas at the time and knew some people so I pulled some strings to get us a table at XS. There was going to be 6 of us total, he loves clubs, so we went big and got a couple suites in the Encore and planned to spend the evening at the club.

The night comes, we go to the club, normal club shit going on, and I’m just kinda there hanging out waiting for it to be over. We got there around 10 and by 1:00 or so my friend (the groom) and the best man were absolutely trashed. They decided that they were going to go back to the room and pass out. The other 4 of us decided to stay mostly because we paid for this table so we may as well get use of it, right? Around the time they left these 2 girls came over and asked if they could sit down. If you’ve ever been to a club in Vegas you know that unless you have a table there is absolutely nowhere to sit, so it seemed perfectly normal that they wanted to sit and get off their feet.

They were cute; they were both Asian, and both had long hair. One (we’ll call her Alex) was probably 5’8” tall, a bit curvy with thick thighs/butt, fairly small chest, and a pretty smile. The other (let’s call her Steph) was probably 5’0”, pretty petite, and a rather large chest with fake boobs. They sat with us for a long while, I offered them drinks, and we were all having a pretty good time. It was getting late and they were going to start kicking people out, so I went to make a stop at the restroom before we left. I returned from the restroom and one of my friends said that if it was cool with me the girls were going to come back to our suite so we could continue hanging out. I said that was fine with me, and that’s what we did.

Once in the room things started getting more flirty. At one point I noticed one of my friends was making out with Alex on a couch. I did a double take and noticed that his hand was up her dress and I’m pretty sure he was fingering her. I sat down on the other couch next to Steph and she immediately started kissing me. Her and I made out for a while and when we stopped I looked over to see my friend with his cock out and Alex sucking it. Steph got up and went to the other room and I just sat there watching my friend get what looked to be a pretty amazing blowjob. I made a comment to him about how it looks like he’s having a pretty great night and Alex asked me if I wanted some too. I of course agreed because no guy in his right mind would say no to that haha!

She came over to me, got on her knees, unzipped me, and started sucking me. She gave absolutely amazing head and I was in heaven. While this was happening we started hearing a lot of moaning coming from the bedroom where Steph went. Alex mentioned that it sounds like they were having fun in there and we should go see what they are up to. We go into the bedroom to find Steph on her back, naked, getting fucked my another one of the guys. Alex took her dress off and told me to lie on the bed. I undressed, layed down right next to my friend fucking a girl and Alex climbed on top of me. She slid me in her pussy and started riding. She said that if someone wanted to fuck her ass that they could and one of the other guys took her up on it. It was fucking surreal… I was on my back getting ridden by a girl with another dick in her ass while another sexy girl was laying next to me getting fucked while also sucking a dick. I seriously felt like I was in the middle of a porn.

The night went on with swapping partners, DP (only did DP with Alex, Steph didn’t do anal), changing positions, and so many orgasms. I came twice that night, once with each girl.

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