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I Just Fucked My Friend's Wife. Part 1 (MF)



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In my circle of friends, I was know as the "Fifth Wheel". All my friends were married or engaged to be married. I never really had time to devote to a girlfriend; let alone a wife. I worked 80 hours a week between two jobs. My social life consisted of a long series of one night stands, a couple different "Friends With Benefits", and an occasional hooker every now and then. Many of the guys in my friend circle were jealous because I was fucking a lot of different girls. What they didn't know was that I was jealous of most of them because they had what I really wanted; someone to wake up next to every morning.

Well, one of the guys, Tony, and his wife Amanda, were hosting a Forth of July party at their place. Most everyone in the friends group were coming. Alcohol would be flowing, Pool, the Bar-B-Q hot and the wives even hotter. I swear they were secretly competing with each other on who could find the smallest two piece bikini. I got hard around every single one of the ladies. I am pretty sure most of the guys did as well. Anyway, on this particular weekend, one of the couples, Brent and Robin were having marital issues.

Apparently Brent wasn't able to keep his erection while fucking his wife, Robin. Not sure how that happens when you have a wife that looks like Kate Upton's twin; complete with blonde hair and a huge rack. Anyway, Robin was inside talking to the other wives and Brent was outside. I was trying to fix Tony's 70 inch TV when I overheard all this. I was behind the TV and I guess they did not know I was there. Anyway, Robin admitted that she was so horney that she may have to find someone to fulfil her "Needs".

Now, don't get me wrong. I understand the "Bro Code". However, Robin was a 9.75 out of 10 and it had been a few weeks since I last had sex. Once I got done back behind the TV I came out to the front to begin working on reprograming their Universal Remote. That was when Robin and some of the other ladies came into the living room to watch TV. I told them I would be done in about 10 minutes. Well, Robin sat done directly in front of me on the floor talking to the girls directly over my left shoulder. Robin was wearing short shorts and they had been pulled all the up to her pussy when see sat down. That was when I realized Robin was not wearing any panties. She had a very small bikini top on that barely held her tits. Robin's pussy was completely devoid of all hair and looked like it was glistening wet. Needless to say, I had a hard time concentrating.

I finally finished up with the remote and tossed it over to the hostess of the house. I looked back at Robin and she winked at me. Holy fucking shit she exposed herself to me on purpose. I tried to get up, but my cock was pitching a tent in my shorts. Robin leaned over and whispered in my ear, "If you want some help with that, I am ready when you are." I finally managed to get up without pushing my cock out the leg of my shorts and excused myself. I was heading directly to the bathroom to knock one out so I could rejoin everyone at the party. What I didn't realize was that Robin had followed me and as I was closing the door, she caught it before it closed, came inside and locked it.

We didn't even exchanged words. Robin immediately untied her top and pulled off her shorts. She was standing naked in front of me before I even said a word. "Robin, I don't think this is a good idea. What if Brent finds out?" Robin stepped over to me and replied, "I am not planning on telling him. Now, are you interested in fucking me or not? Because if you aren't, I am going to find someone else who is." At this point, my body was on automatic. I quickly pulled off my t-shirt and swim trunks and stepped over to Robin and kissed her. She pressed those magnificent melons into my chest as our tongues danced in each other's mouth.

Hands were roaming all over. I leaned down and pulled her up on top of the bathroom counter. My hands and mouth went directly for those tits. Oh my god they were huge and very sensitive. Her nipples got as big and hard as pencil erasers. And, she was very much all natural. I had felt my fair share of fake tits. These were the real deal. I feasted on her tits for several minutes before going down to my knees and dove directly into her bare pussy. Robin tasted sweat and she loved having her slit licked and sucked on.

Robing grabbed my head and forced me into her pussy even harder as her first orgasm hit. My teeth locked onto her engorged clit as I began to flick it with my tongue. Robin responded by slapping a hand over her mouth as she tried to stifle a scream as her orgasm ripped thru her body. What I did not know was that she was a squitter. That was a bigger turn on than I thought. I responded by pushing two fingers up inside her pussy while I continued to torture her captured clit with my tongue. Robin was hyperventilating now. Her ass was squirming like she was sitting on a hot plate. Then, a second orgasm hit as I curled my fingers up and found her G spot. She barely silenced that scream as her body was on fire.

A few more squirts and a lot more stifled screams later, Robin pushed me off her pussy as she took in huge gulps of air. She crossed her legs as her whole body began to shake. I took one of the towels and put it on the floor to help catch Robin's squirts. Once she was done with her second orgasm, she looked at me with an evil gleam in her eye. Robin hoped down from the counter, turned around and bent down over the same counter she had been occupying just seconds prior.

She turned to me and quietly said, "I want you cock inside me now. And, don't even think about stopping until you empty your balls inside me." I stepped up behind Robin. Her ass was at the perfect height for my cock to slip directly into her pussy without having to bend at the knees. And, she was so wet, I bottomed out inside her in just one motion. Then, I fucked her as hard as I could without making contact with her skin. The last thing we both needed was someone hearing the obvious sound of fucking from skin slapping skin.

I knew I was not going to last long. But, I did manage pull Robin up by the hair and grab those beautiful breasts while I fucked her to her third orgasm. Again, she had to slap a hand over her mouth in order to not scream out loud. More and more liquid came pouring out of her pussy and down both our legs. Good thing I put that towel down. I glanced into the mirror and caught the image of me fucking Robin and I just lost it. I pushed in as far as I could and blasted her insides with at least five or six ropes of my baby batter.

We both froze as our orgasms finished and we started to regain our senses. I slowly pulled my cock out of her pussy. She immediately squatted down in front of me, taking in my deflating cock and licked and sucked me clean. The problem with that was, I got rock hard again. Now, I had no idea how long we both had been gone, but Robin was not done with me yet. She hopped back up onto the counter, placing one leg up on the counter as well. This opened her well fucked pussy to me in all it's glory. She pulled me to her, took ahold of my cock and pulled me until I was sliding back inside her pussy.

She whispered to me, " Fuck me one more time, make me cum and I promise the next time we get to fuck, you can have my ass." Shit, I didn't need any incentive to fuck this beautiful creature. But, I will hold her to her offer. I was able to get a good rhythm from this angle without having to worry about any skin on skin sounds. However, the counter was getting wetter and wetter from Robin. Within less than a minute, Robin clamped a hand over her mouth again as she was cumming hard.

This time, I reached down and began to rub her clit as she was cumming. With her free hand, she tried to stop me from rubbing her clit. But, it was no use. The rubbing of her clit sent her body into orbit. Her body's response was to send wave after wave of liquid squirting out of her pussy each time I pulled out and pushed back in. I fucked her hard as I could, as quick as I could. Then, three things happened all at once.

First thing, Robin wrapped her arms and legs around my body as another orgasm washed over her. Her pussy clamped onto my cock as this orgasm hit. That caused the second thing. Feeling her cum so hard trigger my orgasm. I slammed in deep inside her one last time, and released another dose of my baby batter deep inside her beautiful body. As we were both cumming, the third thing happened.

There was a knock at the door. It was Robin's husband. He was asking her is she was ok. Somehow, and I have no idea how she did it, Robin managed to say in a somewhat normal voice, "I'm ok now. I just got sick and threw up breakfast. I will be out in a few minutes." Brent replied, "Ok. I will be outside if you need me." and he walked away. As we heard him beat a retreat down the hall, Robin kissed me. Not one of those quick peeks either. This was an invasion of her tongue into my mouth. I could taste her pussy and my cock on her tongue. She then pushed me away, dislodging my cock from her pussy.

She went over to the toilet and proceeded to push out as much of my cum as she could. Then, she got dressed. Robin pulled out a bikini thong out of her shorts pocket that she was not wearing earlier. Robin left first, leaving me to finish cleaning up. Once I had everything back to normal, and after releasing half a can a Febreze into the air to cover up the smell of sex, I left with the soaked towel and went to find the utility room to hide the towel.

As I was throwing the towel into a pile of laundry, Amanda came up behind me and poked me in the ribs, making me jump. "Hey, I won't tell Brent that you just fucked his wife in my bathroom if you do to me what you just did to Robin." I had no idea what to say. How the fuck did she know, I thought to myself. And, as if she had read my thoughts, Amanda said, "Who do you think suggested to Robin that she flash her pussy at you?" She closed my mouth that was hanging open, kissed me and said, "I will give you a little bit to recover. Then, I will come to collect." And just like that, I went from 5th wheel to Bull Stud. This was going to be a party to remember.

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