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My husband and I have a freeuse agreement, but he's been pushing the envelope lately



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We began experimenting with freeuse during lockdowns, and it was a lot of fun. I had to utilize my safe word a couple times for various reasons. I determined that in 2023, I would set a goal of never using it. I didn't tell my husband, but I believe he sensed it since he has begun to push past the limits.

We were on the front porch conversing when a neighbor lady stopped by to speak about going half on a new fence. Hubby peeked his head out and asked if I might come in for a moment. She waited outside as I excused myself. When he locked the door, he pulled out his cock and commanded me to kneel. He began fucking my face.

The front door has frosted glass, so while it's not completely see-through, she might be able to see something if she tried hard enough. He instructed me to stand and lean over. He drew my yoga pants to my knees and shifted my thong to the side. He fucked me behind my back and busted his load within me. He motioned for me to return outside. I rushed outside, red-faced, and apologized for the delay before finishing our talk with his come still inside me.

If there is an interest, I can give further information.

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