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I was sitting of my friends lap during a long trip



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It was a 6 hour drive in a crowded van. I was the smallest so I had to sit on someone’s lap the whole time. My guy friend was holding me on his lap on the second row. We were going through windy roads so to keep me from moving around too much he had wrapped his arms around my waist.

With the way he was holding me I could feel his cock rub against me between my legs. It was late at night so everyone was quiet or sleeping except the driver and passenger at the front. I had one hand resting on the handle above the window and the other on the one in front of me to try and stay myself.

The car just kept jostling around and I could feel him getting hard under me. It was turning me on so much that I slowly spread my legs to rub against me more. I Was wearing leggings so i could really feel it. I knew he could tell what I was doing because he suddenly switched to holding either side of my hips. He still pinned me against him but every time the car swayed we rubbed against each other harder. My breathing was getting harder and I could hear him groan quietly sometimes. Eventually I came and fell against him. He let me take a nap leaning on him.

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