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I fucked my hot sister-in-law in Mexico



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So me and my wife Julie have been married for 5 years. Our sex life has slowed down considerably the past couple years and has also become pretty mundane and routine. Earlier this year we decided to take a trip to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico with her younger sister by 4 years Callie and her husband Jeff, as we have always got along with them great. This is the first time we've travelled with them and we were all super excited to be going on a trip together.

The whole trip had been largely enjoyable and mostly harmless, but I do find myself flirting a lot with Callie over the week and making her laugh a lot more than back home. I've always been aware that Callie was a very attractive younger version of my wife but I had never really looked at Callie as a true sex object until this trip. We had all spent a lot of time at the beach, at the pool, and at the à la carte restaurants on the resort and she had been wearing very revealing bikinis and outfits that showed off her voluptuous body.

Both her and my wife are blessed with truly amazing genes when it comes to the breast department. My wife is shorter and a bit thicker than Callie but owns a perfectly natural 40DDs and I have always had fun playing with over the years. I had always noticed Callie's were big as well but hadn’t fully realized until this trip how nice hers are as well. She’s taller and quite a bit thinner than Julie but has never really flaunted her body too much back home. I’d say her boobs are probably a 36DD. She specifically wasn’t shy showing them off on this trip (a lot more than my wife) and I found myself checking her out a LOT.

One such example was when all four of us were picking seashells at the beach and she kept bending over picking them up. I couldn’t help checking out her amazing cleavage which was barely contained by a white string bikini top. Even with my shades on, I had a hard time not staring. On one occasion she caught me and gave me a bit of a look. I kinda laughed and quickly looked away but we both knew she caught me. She didn’t seem too pissed thankfully and kept giving me a show.

The gossip Julie told me about Callie and Jeff is that they don’t really have sex much and especially lately haven’t gotten along that great. Julie and I noticed it a lot on this trip where they have been bickering a lot and shooting snide comments at one another.

On the very last night of the trip the four of us went to the dance club that was right on the resort. We were all drinking heavily, chatting and dancing, and having a great time. My brother-in-law Jeff says he’s tired and wants to get a good rest before the flight home the next morning and that he wants to head back to the room. He asks Callie to join him, but she refuses, saying it’s way too early and it's our last night. Julie and I agree with her and give him shit, but Callie doesn’t even try to convince him to stay, probably has had enough of his bullshit for one trip. So, Jeff leaves in a huff and I’m left dancing with my wife and her sister.

After a while, Julie becomes pretty drunk and I can tell she’s getting super horny the way she’s grinding on me on the dance floor. I’m then shocked at one point when Callie also starts to dance closely with me and at one point grinds her butt up and down the front of me just once. Luckily the wife doesn’t seem to notice or care as she’s drunk and half lost in the song. Then it escalates a bit to where I have both on me dancing, most of the times with my wife grinding in front of me and Callie dancing behind me. I'm actually surprised Julie doesn't seem to care. I can occasionally feel Callie's chest and body bouncing off my back, which I do not object to. Callie and I have never even remotely touched like that before, only lightly hugging at the occasional family dinner, so I was intrigued by all the physical contact from her and can tell she’s a little friskier and more curious that ever before.

After a while, Julie decides she’s getting tired as well and says we should go back to the room, which I know is code for she wants to fuck. We hadn’t done it too much on the trip, so I was excited to get some action on the last night and to be honest all the dancing and grinding with two hot busty sisters had me fully torqued. Callie is a little bit upset with Julie as she wants to stay and keep dancing, but I obey the wife and we all agree to head back.

Callie and Jeff’s room is about 4 doors down from our room and when we get to Callie and Jeff’s room, Callie says she’s not ready to end the final night of her vacation just yet and she’s going to go back to our private bar and have a couple more drinks. We both give her a hug, say goodnight and then head into our room.

When we get into the room Julie is a drunken mess and horny as hell and she instantly grabs me by the cock and drags me over to our bathroom. When my wife gets horny, she’s turns into a pleaser and loves me titty fucking her (or so she tells me haha as she knows I’m a tit man) typically followed by a proper pussy fucking and then ends with me typically busting my wad in her pussy or on her big melons. She's sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi tub and starts to jerk me off. She’s not a huge BJ gal sadly, but I take what I can get.

She spits on my dick and then takes off her black tank top and then her bra off releasing her huge titties. I give them a few playful smacks with my hard dick and then she grabs our lube and enthusiastically sprays a LOT on her boobs and violently shoves my hard cock between them. My dick is absolutely swallowed up by them as she proceeds to jack me off in them. I fuck them for a while and have my fun, but since I’m so horned up it doesn’t take long before she can tell I’m about to erupt and she demands I cum on her tits. I happily oblige.

It was a ridiculous amount of cum that I glaze all over her since I had a half boner basically the entire night. We start laughing at how much jizz came out of my dick and then she says that’ll do for the night (I guess she does not require any pussy fucking!). In her drunken stooper she doesn’t even wipe off the cum properly and immediately goes to the bed to pass out. At this point I’m still wide awake and I tell her "I think I'm going to go have a drink at the bar with Callie if she’s still there" and Julie mutters “have fun!” and passes out.

I head over to our private bar and see Callie there sitting on a bar stool chatting with the bartender. She’s looking REALLY hot with her long legs crossed and she notices me coming up to her and she’s surprised to see me. I told her "I’m not done with our last night either!". She seems super happy and orders us both shots of tequila. I don’t know quite what to expect of all this as this is the first time in 6 years we have ever hung out 1 on 1.

The booze helps ease the situation and we bullshit for a bit about how shitty it is we have to go home tomorrow and talk about how much fun it was traveling together as a group. Callie then says she was really having fun dancing before, so I suggest “why don’t we go back? I can still hear the music playing from here!”. Her eyes light up and she gets so excited and hugs me and grabs my hand and she is literally trying to run back to the dance club.

We’re obviously both a little wobbly and she’s wearing some super sexy stiletto 5-inch heel sandals (also a fetish of mine that my wife sadly doesn’t partake in) and I’m forced to save her from falling several times. One of the times she tripped and I had to put my arm across her chest to stop her from falling and she giggled like it was part of her plan. I had to man handle her back to her feet. At this point my erection is starting to return despite unloading my balls a good 20 mins earlier.

A little background on Callie, she has always been a workaholic type girl and I was learning she apparently likes to let loose on vacation. In addition to her black stiletto sandal heels she was wearing a bright pink bikini top under a loose fitting black top that barely covered up anything. She was also wearing a short tight black leather skirt, which shocked me that she even owned such a piece of clothing. She has a really attractive beautiful face, big gorgeous eyes, medium length reddish brown hair and she was dolled up to the nines on this evening. She was looking like a million bucks.

We make our way back to the dance floor and we start dancing, she IMMEDIATELY goes back to grinding her ass up on my dick. After a couple times doing this, she kind of laughs and asks “hmmm, why is he not as happy as he was before, what happened?” insinuating that she knew I fucked her sister earlier. I laugh it off and go “keep dancing like this and you’ll see him happy again shortly” which I wasn’t sure she how she would take the comment but fortunately she laughs and we continue dancing.

The longer the night goes the more we’re freely feeling each other up more and more the longer we danced, I start grabbing her hips and forcing her butt rubbing on my dick and she’s grabbing my hands and making me grab her arms and hips and ass, things are getting pretty familiar.

We keep drinking and dancing and eventually close the dance club down at like 2am and everybody is forced to leave. On the way out she says she has to pee, so we walk around the corner to the nearby public restroom. We walk pretty slowly allowing everybody a chance to leave the area and we find ourselves alone on the walk there, holding onto each other. I’m getting pretty nervous at this point as I'm getting the idea that she's gonna want to fool around and my cock is rock hard again.

We get to the ladies’ room, we both check that nobody is in there and I release her hand for her to go in and do her thing. She takes a couple steps but then she grabs my hand hard and drags me into the restroom. We both know it’s fuckin go time.

The temptation finally snaps for both of us and I grab her by the neck and lay a kiss on her thick lips while grabbing her ass. She returns the favour, and we make out like teenagers for a good long while, moaning and gasping for air. There are 3 stalls in the restroom so in case somebody comes in we can quickly jump in one for cover. I grab her by the ass and squeeze it hard and lift her up as she wraps her legs around me. I then put her onto the sink counter, cause I wanna play with those titties!

I tear her black top off over her head and then bury my face in her big boobs. They are truly magnificent. I slide her pink bikini strings under them and grab them probably too hard and start sucking them wildly. I'm half biting them and half sucking, making quite a mess, and she is giggling while I’m doing this and then asks, “I’ve seen you eyeing these at the beach for a week now”. I said, “Can you fucking blame me, they’re perfect”. I pinch her nipples, give them a little twist and she has an excited surprised look on her face, I'm not sure Jeff has ever done that to her before hahah. She then grabs my head and shoves my face right in the middle of them, smothering me. I come up for air and then she asks, “so you wanna fuck them or what?”. Music to my ears. I say, “Uh, yes please”.

She hops off the counter and gets on her knees and whips my cock out. I think she’s immediately going to shove my dick right in her tits, the same old routine as her sister, but she surprises me and instead my hard cock gets shoved into her warm mouth instead. This takes me aback a bit, having not been getting many BJs from the wife the past couple years.

She blows me for a good while, and even attempts deep throating me, which causes her to gag a couple times, getting my dick all hot and slobbery. She’s licking my shaft up and down and licking my balls, doing it all. Full on worshiping my dick, it felt like absolute bliss! It was easily the best blowjob I’ve ever had. And it’s a good thing I already busted my load earlier otherwise I wouldn’t have lasted a minute. I’m a rock-hard stallion with no risk of popping early.

After she’s got my cock all wet and slobbery enough, THEN she decides it’s time to stick me between her tits. She's gobs a huge spit right between her titties and wraps them around my hard glistening dick. She bounces them up and down and I grab them and fuck them vigorously. I only occasionally can see the tip of my dick popping out the top, she's got it completely engulfed in her cleavage. She makes sure to keep it wet in there, spits in there several times and she’s moaning a lot, she’s a pro and knows exactly what to do with these things. I never would have guessed it in a thousand years, but she’s got the moves of a bona fide slut. Jeff is a fucking idiot for not using this goddess properly.

After a good 10 mins of playing with those, she takes me out of her chest and then she sucks me off a bit more. She obviously could tell I really enjoyed it before and she decides to go full pornstar now, slapping my cock on her face and cheeks and talking dirty to me saying shit like “you like slapping my pretty face with your hard cock?”. I'm brilliant with my response and say "Yeah!", like an idiot. She just laughs it off. She keeps sucking me dry when all of a sudden we hear foot steps outside. Thinking somebody is about to come into the ladies’ room, we go still for a moment, like deer in headlights. We stare at the entrance with her holding my throbbing slobbery dick, both of us forgetting the plan to lunge into the cubicle. Luckily nobody comes in and we start laughing as they would have had quite a sight.

Back to business, I say, “ok, now your turn” and I lift her up and put her ass on the sink counter again and spread her legs, slide her black g-string panties to the side and shove my tongue right inside her. My wife also doesn’t enjoy cunnilingus that much, but I’m eager to show off my skills to Callie. She has the most amazing plump pussy I’ve ever seen. I go back and forth between tonguing her and fingering her and playing with her clit. She particularly seems to enjoy when I nibble on her clit too, so I do that a bunch. She's loving every moment of this, and her moaning is getting quite loud, which is making me ridiculously hard and I’m stroking my dick the entire time.

After about 10 mins of that then she suddenly gets super pissed off, grabs me by the face and says, “ok, if you don’t stick your cock inside me right now, I’m going to fucking explode”. Yes ma’am! I stand up and slide my rock-hard dick in her soaked pussy. She puts her long legs with her sexy heels on either side of my head and I begin to drill her really hard. Anybody walking by the ladies’ room at this point surely hears us, but at this point we absolutely don't give a fuck. She feels amazing and her big boobs are bouncing so hard they almost hit her in her chin hahah. I can’t believe this is all happening.

I take her off the counter and then she bends over with her elbows on the counter and arches her back presenting herself. I take the liberty of licking her once pussy to asshole, she really seems to like this, and then I stuff her, balls deep in her pussy and ram her from behind. With her heels and long legs, she is the perfect height for this, so I grab her hips and go pretty aggressive. She’s panting pretty heavily and then she says she’s gonna cum, so I thrust harder, and she muffles a scream and I can feel her tighten up and get REALLY wet as she cums.

I give her a minute or so to catch her breath but then tell her “I’m not done with you yet”. She's panting, says nothing, gives a big smile and nods. We’re kind of limited for different positions in this ladies’ room so I lay down on the ground, and she gets on top of me and rides me cowgirl for a bit. It’s a truly amazing view of her amazing boobs bouncing up and down right in my face. I grab them and suck them while she fucks me. Her being in complete control riding me really hard is getting me close to climaxing but with her heels on she can only do this for a little while, as her calves begin to hurt, so I tell her I will be a gentleman and finish her off doggy style. She assumes the position and I start fucking her again.

At this point I'm fully aware that she has an IUD (both her and my wife have one) and I ask her "can I cum in your pussy, Callie?" and she screams “oh my god, fuck yessss”. So, after a few more pumps, I slap her on the right ass cheek, reach around and squeeze her bouncing titties one more time (I realize this is more than likely my last time touching them so I don't want to miss the chance) and then I finally spray my SECOND huge load of the night into her. I'm seeing stars at this point and almost fall over. My balls are absolutely drained and ache immediately afterward.

We both catch our breath and she heads into the toilet stall to drain the jizz from her hole and then comes out letting out a huge exhale. We both start laughing and she says, “I’ve wanted to do that with you for a long time”. I had no fucking idea she felt that way.

We get our clothes back on pretty quickly and walk back to our rooms arm in arm and when we reach her room we kiss each other on the lips and nothing else really needs to be said. We both will be taking this one to the grave. What a crazy night.

The next morning the four of us met for breakfast, all of us pretty hungover except for Jeff, but Callie and I apparently are amazing actors and act like nothing had happened. We took the same flight home and are now back to our normal lives, Callie and I haven’t said one word about what happened since Mexico but every now and then we’ll catch eyes at a family dinner or a hangout and we’ll give each other a little smirk.

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