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y Korean ling ruins nearly every future blowjob for me



There's a thing about holding hands in Korea. It's normal for friends, it's normal for couples, it's not normal for a foreigner and some girl whose boyfriend apparently isn't enough for her. Weird, right? /s

That said, I was extra surprised when, as we were walking, she took my hand. I wondered if she might run into somebody she knows, or if she was worried we'd be seen, but she smiled and seemed to not have a care in the world. Good enough for me.

We'd grown close in my short time there. When we got to quieter areas, she'd steal a kiss from me. And when we wandered off the path, we'd make out intensely, but just for a second, or until we heard the rustling of somebody approaching us.

It escalated each time. First just a few seconds of tongue. Next time, slightly longer. The time after that, a bit of grinding added in. Next, some groping. We were building pressure to the point where I was ready to pounce on her at the drop of a hat.

We took our time, getting plenty distracted as we walked around. Towards the end of the walk, there's a really nice look-out point. There's also a bit of not-too-densely forested area around. Easy enough to walk through, but hard to be seen in. We didn't take in the view for very long.

Stepping between the trees, we got far enough in that nobody would see us. Or at least, there's no way they'd see what we were doing. The making out continues, but she has bigger plans. Immediately, she's tugging on my shorts, ready to pull out my cock to see it in the light of day.

Already hard, it sprang out of my underwear. She wasted no time. Either she was worried about getting caught, or simply a giant cock-fiend. Either way, she put her lips around it as soon as she could.

She didn't even get on her knees. She just bent forward and went to town. A few times, I reached into her pants to rub her, but she wasn't very interested in me repaying the orgasmic favor. A different version of me might have persisted. This one was braindead and levitating.

Why was I useless? Because this was the kind of blowjob they talk about in movies. This is that kind of life-changing, leg-shaking, eyes-in-the-back-of-your-skull kind of head that I thought every blowjob should be. Her mouth was this warm, wet, pillowy dick-heaven. She couldn't take the whole thing. It didn't matter a bit.

She kept a hand gripped around the base of my shaft, stroking as she sucked with a growing intensity and speed. Up and down, faster, but never forceful. She kept her soft, delicate touch all the while.

I'm used to blowjobs being part of foreplay. Sometimes, on a special occasion it's the main event, but it takes some trying. This girl, once again, had me on the edge of explosion within a few minutes. The head of my cock had a heartbeat. I was totally overwhelmed with pleasure, rock solid, and absolutely aching to cum. I told her I was ready, and she gently nodded without missing a single stroke.

Waves of semen pulsed into her mouth. If how it felt was any indication of how much cum there was, she must have taken an enormous load. I was panting at this point, barely able to control myself. She slowed down gradually, still moving with the same sense of purpose and care, gently easing off, like she was now setting my dick down for a nap.

She came up with a tightly-sealed smile, made eye contact with me, and gulped down everything.

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