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I 20 lost a bet to my bestfriend while his girlfriend was away



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My best guy friend in the whole world was spending a lot of time with me while his gf was away and one weekend he came over after we had already played around with other things like him masturbating on to me while i was bent over the kitchen counter so he could cum on my asshole, exchanging sext messages back and forth, fucking me the week his gf went away etc. this time he came over and he was much more forceful.. and to be honest.. it was so fucking hot.

He never told me what he wanted to do on this particular night but when i opened the door for him the first words out of hid mouth was "Heads, you give me head - Tails, you grind your massive ass on my cock until i cum on your pretty asshole again," and naturally i challenged him saying that "If it's tails then i'll let you fuck me".. I was extremely turned on and was actually really hoping for a fuck lol - thankfully, that's exactly what happened 🙈 I fucked my cheating guy best friend, I know he can't get enough of my pussy, but what am I supposed to do when i see him again, should I see him again??

Honestly, I just want to please him and be a good friend, is that really so wrong or am I just a slut?? 😅😋

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