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Pounding my ex wife



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We had gone through a nasty divorce. It took us ages to even talk to each other. So when I arranged to read my son a bedtime story a couple of nights a week it didn't go down well.

After a couple of weeks she got used to it though and even started making me a coffee after I had put him to bed. Eventually she started talking to me about her dating experiences and how she loved having anal with her new sexual partners(she never liked it when we were married!!)

She also stopped wearing bras whenever I came over. She had E cup tittys and seeing them hanging loose on the table while I sipped my coffee got me horny as fuck!! Unlike her I hadn't been screwing anyone. "Why are you telling me all this!!" I demanded of her"You know I'm not seeing anyone!!" I stood up to go and she stepped in front of me"Youve been really good lately and... and....I really miss your cock!!" She reached forward and grabbed my crotch. "Whats wrong ur boyfreinds not up to scratch??!!" I said angrily... but I had already made up my mind and as she worked on my belt I pulled off her top and her tittys fell free. She is short and they fell to sit near my cock and as she got the belt free it sprung to meet them. I rubbed it between her boobs as I ripped off my work top, grabbing a tit in each hand. I squeezed her nipples just a little too hard and turned and led her down the hall to her bedroom. I pushed her onto the bed and rolled her panties and leggings off in one motion and slid up and into her. I was angry and very horny and I smashed her pussy for ages. She just lay there and moaned.

"Get up!!"I demanded as I slid off of her. She knew what I wanted. 8 years you get to know each others signals and she brought her ass to the edge of the bed and my twitching cock entered her again. Standing on the floor I smashed her doggy and not long after I filled her cunt with my cum. "So u like it in the ass now huh!!" I spat and moved up to her asshole and resumed pounding, my ballsack smacking into her ass, and 5 minutes later I filled her ass and we both fell to the bed exhausted.

From then on it became a regular thing for quite a while.....

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