2 years ago incock tease

Sitting on a guys lap until...



Omg. Last night, I was out at a campfire with some friends, and we didn’t have enough lawn chairs for all of us. Being a rather petite girl, I offered to share with one of my shy guy friends (who I think maybe has a crush on me but is super shy and not outeard about it). Well, us sharing sort of turned into me sitting on his lap. I could tell he was getting nervous hehe it was so exciting. As I shuffled around and ‘got comfortable’ throughout the evening, I could feel him getting hard under me hehe. When I noticed, I made sure to move around a little more. Every so often I would turn around and ask, “are you comfortable? 🥺” and “I can move if you want uwu” in cutesy voices and every time he would nervously sqeak out “oh im okay” or something like that. I hope I made his night hehe, its all ive beennthinking about lately 😝

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