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Mother-in-Law Lends a Hand



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I have the coolest MIL on the planet. She’s 57, fit, sexy and funny. We all joke about everything.

She’s been divorced since my wife was a teenager and never had the urge to remarry.

My wife and kids and I shared an Airbnb with her recently. We were in Florida for a family reunion. The house was nice enough, but the excited part was it had one of those screened in pools out back.

The reunion was at a park on the beach. Big cook out. Lots of family. Lots of fun.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and everyone was enjoying themselves. But I noticed something almost immediately that I could not ignore.

My MIL has had the same bathingsuit for a number of years. It must be wearing out some. In the bright sunshine, the top of her suit was slightly transparent.

I snapped a picture of her with another relative on the beach so I had proof.

That night we were back at the Airbnb. Everyone went to bed accept me. I slipped on a skimpy speedo and headed out back. It was late and the yard was completely private. I reclined in one of the lounges by the pool and began jerking to my MILs picture.

I never heard her come out. I thought she was asleep like everyone else. I even waited inside for a bit to be sure before I came out.

“Enjoying yourself,” she asked with a chuckle.

“Jeez,” I shouted as I tried tucking myself in.

“What are you watching that’s got you all excited?” She sat sideways on the other lounge facing me.

I was caught twice. She saw me beating my meat and she thinks I was watching porn.

“It’s not porn,” I said, “but now that you’re here I’m kind of wishing it was porn.”

We both laughed and she scooted her chair right up next to mine. I was still reclined wearing only that skimpy suit that was not fully containing my erection. She got a front row seat with the moon light making everything visible.

“You got to share now,” she said. She was having a blast at my expense.

“Ok,” I said, completely embarrassed. “Your swimsuit has gotten thin over the years. I could faintly see through it when you were in the sun.”

I handed her my phone and she looked at the picture I took. She burst into laughter and mentioned she almost bought a new one cause she thought it was wearing out.

“You’re one to talk about revealing swimwear,” she joked. “Well…pull it out.”

“What,” I said surprised.

“You’ve got a picture of mine,” she answered back, “don’t I get to see yours?”

“That’s a little different,” I said.

“Oh come on,” she said, “you’re going to finish anyway. Whip it out!”

She had on a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. She sat up, pulled her shirt off and set it on the chair next to her. She did not have a bra.

“There, your turn.”

I pulled down my suit until my cock came bursting out. “May I,” she asked.

I shook my head and she reached over and grabbed me. She worked me until a fountain of cum shot straight up and landed back down on her hand.

The second shot and remaining load she aimed up to my chest.

“Holy shit,” she said. It was a lot. I was very aroused.

She grabbed a towel and we both cleaned up with it. She reclined back on her chair and we sat next to each other, her with her tits still out, me with my cock still out.

We gossiped and laughed about the family reunion that day for another 10 minutes before we put ourselves together, said good night and went inside to bed.

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