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I fingered a stripper and got her wet



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First time poster and this may not be as spicy as other stories but here it goes.

A couple of days ago my buddy and I visited the local strip club of a city we were visiting. It was still fairly early so it wasn’t too packed. Naturally, this also meant more attention from the girls. I had already rejected several dances that night but I had my eye on dancer. She was up on stage when we arrived. A small Latina with a cute yet seductive devilish smile. Maybe about 5’3. Breasts were on the smaller side, maybe a B-cup. Ass was incredibly shaped and fairly big for her tiny frame. I knew I wanted her after she was done. Sure enough, she eventually made her way over to us after a while. I wasted no time and asked for a dance. I opted for the fully nude 10 minute VIP package.

She leads me backstage to the VIP room. They’re larger than normal and brightly lit. It had a comfy couch on it with a few pillows and a table. We begin conversing and she tells me I’m funny. She then awkwardly explains that she’s going to take off all her clothes bit by bit while giggling. It was very cute. Then dance begins and eventually she’s grinding on me fully nude. I ask her if I may suck her breasts. But she leans in and whispers in my ear, “no… there’s cameras here.” The dance continues, the best part was when she began bouncing her ass on me non stop, as if she was riding my dick. Through out all of this we’re flirting a bit as my hands run all over her body. At one point I asked her if I may touch her pussy to which she once again leaned in and whispered that there was cameras. The highlight was when she suddenly went “oops” and pointed down. I then noticed some of her pussy juices were on my shirt… to my utter shock. The dance ended and I asked how much more for 5 minutes. She gives me the price of a standard 5 minute dance (not fully nude) to which I replied “fully nude?” … she leaned in and whispered “for you I’ll do it.”

I pay for the extra 5 minutes but to my surprise she leads me out of the vip room. Instead she takes me into one the regular stalls for private lap dances. It’s much smaller, darker, and not as comfy. She’s already naked from the last dance. She’s immediately more aggressive this time. Rubbing her entire body against mine and breathing heavily into my ear. I start choking her a bit and she moans. She presses her breasts up against my face and whispers “there’s no cameras here” … I finally understood. It was on. I wasted no time and immediately started sucking on her nipples. She egged me on by squeezing her tit to make it easier for me to suck on. I must’ve sucked on it for about 30 seconds straight before I moved on to her other nipple. We continued and she began grinding and breathing in my ear again. I choked her and spanked her ass. I spread her ass and she began teasing me by playing with her pussy. I kissed her ass cheeks and once again asked if I may touch her pussy. She said only a little. So I only lightly caressed her vagina on the outside. I did this a couple of times before I finally stuck my finger in. My LORD SHE WAS WET. I began stroking gently and she then grabbed my hand to guide me on the speed. At this point her pussy juices were all over the couch. We did this for about a minute until she finally said she couldn’t go further and ended the dance. We hugged, thanked each other and went back out to the floor.

I’ve been to several clubs before, but this was by far my best experience.

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