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Seducing the dad while I'm babysitting



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When I was home for the summer in college, I used to babysit for a single dad. He works all day and comes home around 7PM so I'm basically alone in his home with his infant daughter the whole day. He's in his early thirties burly and bearded like a fluffy teddy bear. He's adorable with his daughter but he was really shy and awkward with other people, including me.

He had a downstairs bathroom that I was allowed to use whenever I want so I sometimes take baths in there during the baby's naptimes. I used to bring a vibrator with me and would sometimes use it when the mood strikes (but duty first, of course).

During one of my baths, I was pleasuring myself in the tub and was being loud as I always am. I didn't bother closing the door since it was just me and the baby and even if I had the baby monitor thing, I wanted to make sure I would hear her when she cries.

After I was done, I quickly got out of the bathroom and saw that the dad was on his way upstairs. It was just after 3 in the afternoon so I wasn't expecting him to be home. I greeted him and he stopped mid stride to face me. He was all flushed as he tried to talk to me. Since he was on a higher surface so I was almost eye-level with his crotch and my eye caught on a rather obvious outline lol. He saw where I was looking so he quickly covered it with his hand and went on his way upstairs.

I followed upstairs but went straight to the baby's room. The baby was still asleep so I had some more down time.

I thought about what happened earlier and it made me wonder if the dad saw me in the bathroom. For some reason I got all excited about the thought that he was watching me masturbate.

When the baby woke at half past 3, I picked her up from her crib. She liked touching my breasts, I think because she thinks she can get milk from them lol. I was about to bring her down to feed her when I heard scratching noises at the door. He was standing at the doorway while his daughter was pulling my tank top down basically exposing half a nipple. I literally saw his adam's apple move as he swallowed. I felt giddy and excused myself to feed the baby. At around four he told he can take care of his child and I can go home early. I asked him if he needed me to watch her that weekend because I had some free time and he said yes.

Saturday morning, I went to his house. I deliberately didn't wear a bra in hopes that he would stay longer at home. He did stay the whole morning I was there and I enjoyed every glance that I caught him giving me. In the kitchen, I purposedly bumped into him twice and basically grinded my boobs to his chest. By lunch time I can see him getting frustrated. He went out of the house and returned in the evening.

In the next few days, he got home earlier than usual and I always made sure that I was in the tub with my vibrator when he comes in and then feigning ignorance whenever I bump into him. I placed a small mirror in the tub so I can watch him watch me cum everyday.

On the 5th day, after I put the baby on her 3rd nap (about 2 hours after my bath), I heard a smashing sound in the next room. Like a glass breaking and then I heard a low scream and a stream of curses. I got worried so I ran to the next room didn't bother knocking and just went inside almost screaming ARE YOU OK?

I was shocked but more amused to see the dad on his bed, holding his cock. On his nightstand was a knocked off bottle of lotion and a box of tissues. Next to it was a broken lamp.

He said I uhm... was reaching for the lotion and knocked the lamp off in my hurry...

He was all red in embarassment. His cock got soft. I couldn't help but smile at the situation. I walked in and sat in on the edge of the bed and said Do you need some help with that, Sir?

He let go of his cock which was rapidly rising again at that point. I licked my palm and took over. I took my skirt and panties off and climed on top. He was all quiet and just breathing heavily.

I put my hands on his shoulders and leaned in closer and said I know you watch me cum everyday. I love watching you watch me.

I kissed his neck and ears while I grind my wet pussy on his cock.

He started reciprocating by sliding his hands in my shirt and squeezed my breasts. He then pushed my shirt over my arms and took my nipples to his mouth. He said I've been dreaming of this all week.

He sucked my breasts like a hungry child while I grinded faster and faster. My clit swollen from the friction. I came hard from all the rubbing and then he flipped me over and spread my legs. He rubbed my still sensitive clit and spread the wetness all over my pussy. Then he slid inside me slowly. As he did he made the most adorable aaaaaaaah sound it made me giggle. He was so hard, it just took 10 pumps for him to cum. A little fast, yes, but I'm not complaining. I could feel it all inside me, there was so much cum. Good thing I was on birth control.

A lot more happened but I'll end this here for now because I'm tired and need to sleep lol. But I'm also kinda wet from writing this so I'll probably get myself off first. Ciao.

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