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Came in my girlfriend’s friend



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So I went to a party with my girlfriend at the time, it was during new years time so there were lots of parties to attend. The place where the party was hosted was like a small mansion with a big open garden where there was even a dance floor.

My girlfriend and I were talking to some friends and I wanted to go to the bathroom. So I excused myself and went to the bathroom. The one on the ground floor was busy and obviously I heard people fucking in there so I went to the one upstairs.

I opened the door and my girlfriend’s friend lets call her Ava was putting on some makeup or whatever. I asked her if I could just pee and go because I could not hold it anymore, she agreed.

On the way out “Could you help me with something before you go?” She asked

“Sure”. She then told me to zip up her dress which was a little unzipped. Then we started to small talk. I sat on the toilet watching her putting on her lipstick and at the same time I was admiring her amazing figure. She was wearing a dark green dress which was tight and really short, I could see her ass when she bend over a little. She had amazing legs and a very nice heel. I complimented her dress and she said “Thank you, its pretty tight tho I had no other choice than not to wear any panty else it was ruining the dress”

This pretty much turned me on and I was looking at her ass trying to see her pussy.

“Turned on?” She said

A laughed it off with an awkward laugh and she said “Well in about 5min I will finish putting on my makeup, you have till then to do something with that boner of yours”

I looked down and I was rock hard.

At this point she already told me to fuck her

So I came closer to her lift up her dress and fingered her.

She was already wet, I put my dick inside her and she let out a small little moan, it was amazing. About 5mins later I was about to cum and her pussy felt so good I just nutted in her. She could tell i was cumming inside her as she was grinding on my cock milking all my cum.

“I came inside you” I said.

“I know, thats what I needed” she replied

I pulled out my cock and my cum dripped out her pussy

I helped her clean up and I said “We should do that again”

She smiled and said “Yeah I think my pussy likes your cock” then got out of the bathroom.

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