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Wife's family weekend pt1



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My wife and her family

So firstly I need to let you know that my wife's family is a nudist family. They are extremely happy in their naked form, it took me a while to get used to it and even now I am still uneasy when we are all naked. She has a brother and sister who are twins in their early twenties and a fantastic mum and dad who are in the prime of their lifes in their mid fifties. We are both 30. I don't always get naked completely, sometimes I wear a towel or a boxers.

Well i guess it all started when we were staying her parents house, just a normal weekend. A nice meal some alcohol and friendly banter. He sister was out but her mum, dad and brother were around. They were all naked as normal and I was in a towel.

It was getting late and everyone started to go up to bed when her sister came home, she was a little drunk. She went up to bed and quicky came down naked. She grabbed a bottle of wine and poured the three of us a glass. My wife and her sister started to chat about her night.

I am not sure exactly what happened but I became transfixed in my sister in law's fantastic body, it seemed to glisten in the light and her breasts looked so firm. This made my cock stir and start to rise. It wasn't long until my wife noticed and laughed. She pointed it out to her sister who also laughed but asked was that her her.

I pulled the towel around more, at this time my wife got up to get another glass of wine and when she left the room her sister looked me dead in the eyes and started to squeeze her plump breasts. My cock shot right up. She smiled and motioned for me to release it. I pulled the towel back and now she could see my erect penis in all its glory. What was I doing!. She bit her lip and pushed her hand further down her body.

My wife walked back in. She must have seen something but didn't say a thing. She sat next to me. Her sister now left the room and retired to her bed. She poured me a glass of wine and then out of nowhere got on her knees and started to blow me. I was already super hard and excited and it wasn't long until I was close to exploding. She knew this and took a deep breath and let me do my worst in her mouth. She controlled it perfectly. After she sat up and continued with her wine.


My turn she said to me. She lay back on the sofa and opened her legs, I knew exactly what she wanted. I didn't hesitate and before you knew it my tongue was working her clit round and round. I would look up from time to time and she was smiling and just drinking her wine as if I was a slave and she was in total control. She kept calm and I only knew she had orgasmed when her legs gripped my head tightly. After I got up she just left the room and went up to bed. I was gob smacked. She didn't even acknowledge what I had done. It somehow felt even sexier.

I followed but that might I couldn't sleep. I was still so aroused by what had happened. I heard a noise down stairs and as I was thirsty I thought I would check it out. It was her mum. She to was getting a drink. We met in the kitchen. It was only then that I realised I was naked and hadn't put my towel back on. As I walked in she turned a little startled that someone else was there. The milk she was drinking spilt down her naked body. She put the glass down wrapped some kitchen roll and started to wipe it away. All over her body she wiped. She seems to run it all over including her thighs. Well as I said I was already horny and it wasn't long until my cock was up and straight as a nail.

Well hello to you too she said. Without hesitation I just grabbed it and started to tug on it. Oh wow ok then she said walking over to me. She took over. Her hand was soo soft and it knew what it was doing. My hands held on to her breasts and my my grip held on tight. With her other hand she started to rub her pussy. My cock throbbed, she turned slightly and bent over looking back at me over her shoulder. I leant forward and slowly guided my cock into her moist vagina. Her hands slapped onto the table. I was deep inside her.

I pulled back and little in disbelief from all this. She looked back and just said, fuck me softly. As if controlled by her words I slowly entered her again, in and out slowly and deeply. Amazing. It was sensual and I went from holding her breasts to holdingbher hips. She would occasionally look back and me and moan. My focus was all on her and that amazing ass she had. I hadn't noticed her husband , my father in law enter the room.

The first I knew was when my mother in law called him over, my heart sank and I froze. I was deep inside and my hands firmly holder her hips. He walked over and she pulled him a chair out so that it was right in front of her. He sat down and looked her in the eye. They kissed a little. I didn't move a muscle. I noticed he was also rock hard. She started to move her hips. My cock still inside. She looked back and just said, keep going. At first I was unsure but she moved forwards them backwards along my cock. I was still hard. She bent down and took her husband's cock in her mouth. He leant back and placed his hands on her head.

I didn't know what was going on but I was rock hard still and clearly no one was upset. I decided to start slowly thrusting again. In and out with a slow steady pace. She moaned a kind of muffled moan due to a cock being in her mouth.

We continued like this for a while, I didn't look at the dad but concentrated on this really odd and fantastic threesome they had appeared out of nowhere. It was like no other I had ever been in.

Her moaning became loader and more frequent, I upped my pace. I noticed that the dad started to shuffle in his seat and then he gripped her breasts tightly. I think they were both about to explode. This made me throb while deep inside which made her moan and him also. Omg we're they about to orgasm together. I started thrusting faster and harder making every movement count. Deeper and harder. Her knees started to shake.

The dad came first. His head went back and he let out a contained but loud groan. This made her moan and her legs go rigid. She was about to orgasm. Her pussy tightened on my cock and this made it throb. With a few more thrusts we were both on the edge. Her head moved up from his cock and she leant over him and gripped the table firmly. He was bellow her and pinched her nipples. That was it for the pair of us. She came first and screamed out. Placing her hands over her mouth. With this I took a firm hard thrust and explode deep within her.

For a while I just stood there throbbing inside. Her husband stood up, grabbed some kitchen towel to clean himself off and left. I was still inside his wife. Not too long after I had stopped throbbing she pulled forward also grabbing the kitchen roll to clean herself then handed it to me and also left.

Not a word was said.

I cleaned up and retired to bed where my wife was fast asleep.

What a crazy night and this was only the Friday, we had an entire bank holiday weekend together.

Thanks for reading, I will post a second sort ina couple of days.

As always feel free to DM and tell me if you liked it.

Have fun.

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